Our vision is to reach college students on the campus with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and helping them to know Him and grow in Him.

Every Nation Campus Ministry exists to engage college students on the campus. Once engaged we establish them in campus small groups, campus meeting and the local church. We also have a vision to equip these students through a process of discipleship and evangelism, and then we empower our students to lead. Read more about this world-wide ministry here.

Campus Groups and Gatherings

Throughout the school year, we host a number of different opportunities for students. Whether it’s volleyball, hang outs, meeting for lunches or dinners, small groups, game nights, or outreaches, there is usually something every week to be a part of.

ENC small groups are student led and exist to introduce other college students to a life with Jesus! 6-8 students meet at different locations and times on campus. Expect times of reading the bible, talking about life, answering and asking open questions, and praying for one another.

Also, each year a number of our campus students attend the Every Nation Conference.