In 1981, a team of leaders moved to the greater Los Angeles area to reach young people for God. They sacrificed homes, jobs, education, time and finances for one single goal: to plant churches that would reach students on the campuses of southern California. Over the last two decades, the churches have grown and influenced thousands of people through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We started campus ministries on seven colleges in Southern California. As a result of winning students and training ministry leaders, we planted several new churches in San Diego, Austin, Texas and Honolulu, Hawaii and around the world. We are part of a worldwide movement call Every Nation, and our goal is to reach Every Nation with the gospel starting right here in Los Angeles.

We believe God desires for us to plant at least ten more churches here in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. Our vision is to reach and influence every aspect of society from the campus to the community, from the university to the business world, from politics to education, from media to the entertainment world!