ENCC Pastor Fred & Kaylin Talking

Have you taken the NEXT STEP at ENCC?

You will hear a lot about being a strong, healthy disciple in our church. We believe that disciples change the world. We hold Next Step Classes each month to equip you and help you be a strong disciple and make disciples. Our NEXT STEPS Classes establish you in your faith and help you become a strong disciple who makes disciples.


Your FIRST STEP is the Gospel class. In this class you find out what the Gospel is and how it changes your life. Using the One to One, you will learn what the true, authentic gospel is, and how to share your two minute testimony. (30 minutes)


Your SECOND STEP is the Foundations Class. Using the Purple Book, we will help you lay a strong foundation. The Purple Book is a twelve-part Bible study designed to help you stand firm and grow strong in your Christian life.  (Two hours)

The Foundations Class - Purple Book
Church Ownership Class


If you have finished the Gospel and Foundations classes, Ownership is your NEXT STEP. In this class, you find out what it means to be a part of the church, and how being planted in a church family is one of the most important decisions you can make. In this two hour class, find out the importance of being in a church family, and how being a  member of a church is vital to your Christian maturity and destiny.


Finally, Making Disciples is a workshop where you will gain practical tools, and lots of practice, on how to share the gospel and your testimony. You will also learn how to establish new believers in the Bible, lead a Discipleship Group, and have the tools to be equipped and empowered as a disciple so you can make disciples.

Making Disciples Class